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About the ‘Uplifters’

Uplift Kombucha started with a devotion to and admiration of all types of traditional and authentic nourishments. The ‘Uplifters’ realised the connection between sustaining habits, practices and longevity. So, they decided to combine these practises and techniques with contemporary, sound methods for the best-tasting results.

At Uplift Kombucha, the belief that only drinks of the highest, organic quality will help consumers to be at their best, both physically and mentally. The two head ‘Uplifters’, Francois and Heino, hope to guide kombucha drinkers on this journey. They both have experience in the the brewing of various products and can attest to the restorative potential of powerful fermenting processes. Their aim is to expand the parameters of what has been deemed as possible and shake up the health drink scene.

The ‘Uplifters’ not only enrich the drinks but believe in enriching the lives of consumers and all stakeholders involved. 

Quality Control

Uplift Kombucha is made with only the finest, natural ingredients - we ensure that our bubbly beverages are a clean and healthy refreshment. Premium, organic tea, sourced locally from the Cederberg Mountain Range is slowly brewed, resulting in its characteristically delicate taste.

Each batch is thoroughly and veritably proven to contain the most beneficial probiotic microbes. Our production process and equipment are designed to ensure that only beneficial cultures thrive during the brewing process.

Consistency is a key value central to our company mission. Each batch is tested and expertly monitored throughout the entire brewing process until the desired level of acidity and microbial activity has been reached. Uplift Kombucha - trust us to deliver consistently invigorating flavours on every occasion.

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