Kombucha -
The ‘Tea of Immortality’

Originating in Northeast China around 220 B.C., kombucha was highly regarded for its healing properties. We can thank Dr. Kombu, a Korean doctor for introducing Japan’s royalty to the drink and as the trade routes expanded, so did kombucha’s prominence. 

Kombucha is a lightly-bubbling, fermented refreshment created when lusciously-sweetened tea is mixed with living bacteria and yeasts.

Our kombucha is a product of a lovingly slow-brewed process. Only natural ingredients - locally-sourced, certified organic tea and nectars of luciously-ripened fruit are used.

Firstly, the certified organic tea is simmered and sugar is added for a boost of flavour.

Later, the industrious ‘Uplifters’ convey the living liquid to the bubbling fermentation tanks and then the festival of flavour-creation begins.

Slowly yet steadily, the probiotics and natural sweetness do a tango of effervescent delight and the nectarous, aqueous material is consciously packaged to ensure a pleasurable, sipping experience.


Selected for their quality, and tastiness, these ingredients are lovingly added to your kombucha for the best results:

Raw Kombucha (Water, Organic African Tea. Organic Green Tea, Raw Cane Sugar, Live Bacteria and Yeast), Flavouring, Apple Concentrate. 

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